What are the benefits of exercising with an elliptical machine?

- Oct 20, 2019-

What are the benefits of exercising with an elliptical machine?

Compared with other fitness equipment, the benefits of using the elliptical machine for fitness are quite many:

 Fitness body. The elliptical machine can combine the movements of the arms and legs. Frequent use can coordinate the limbs, build the body, improve the back movement curve, and also have a good shaping effect on the shape of the abdomen. Long-term use can also improve the body's resistance.

Reduce fat and lose weight. Consistent use of elliptical exercise can reduce the body fat rate instead of weight, which will reduce fat and make muscles more elastic.

He recovered from an injured knee. Even if the elliptical machine is used regularly, it will not hurt the knee. Because the elliptical machine is used for exercise, the legs follow the elliptical trajectory, which has a good protective effect on the knees, especially some with shock-absorbing pedals, not to mention the problem of the knees, but can help the knees. People with problems recover.

Prevention and treatment of diseases. Elliptical exercise is an aerobic exercise, which can train cardiopulmonary function and help prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Because it is a whole body exercise, it can also help relieve periarthritis and diabetes.

Increase leg strength. This is also an advantage unique to elliptical machines, because older people can also use them. As the saying goes, the old man's old leg is the oldest. If the elderly can stick to the elliptical machine for slow exercise, they can increase their leg strength and avoid walking and falling due to inflexible legs and feet in the future.